Self Promotion = Stylist Stardom

By Kathy Jager | 10/03/2008 2:56:00 PM


Being a cosmetologist today means that you wear many hats, but you also have enormous opportunity to become a star. No matter where you’re from, what school you attended or what people have said to you about our industry, you must learn to see yourself as an uncut gemstone of potential! This attitude is what truly makes the difference between stylists who have great success and those who do not.

If you appreciate that in yourself, you will not be afraid of self-promotion. Promote, promote, promote YOURSELF! Remind yourself to toot your own horn, make some noise and let the world know you are a cosmetologist who’s now in business!

  • Carry your business cards everywhere you go.

  • Post a sign or wear a button that says: Want a FREE hair cut? ASK ME HOW!

  • Be bold in talking about your new business to family, friends, and co-workers. Memorize a quick “commercial” about yourself and your services.

  • ASK people for their business.

Look for every opportunity! The open doors are out there, but you have to be hungry to find them. Don’t wait around for someone to feed you clients. This is your adventure, and you have the power to drive it. Nothing is more encouraging to a salon owner than seeing the passion in your eyes and hearing enthusiasm in your voice.

Eventually your hard work will pay off: Your greatest reward is when your client leaves with a smile...and returns with a friend! So remember. . .you are a diamond in the making!

Kathy Jager ,, is author of As The Chair Turns.






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