How-to: Modern Vintage Finger Waves

By Lauren Salapatek | 07/13/2012 10:28:00 AM


click image to zoom(From left) MODERN's Alison Shipley; Celebrity Stylist Dean Banowetz; MODERN's Lauren Salapatek; Genacelli Salon's Joseph Cartagena, Modern Editors just recently visited Genacelli Salon in Chicago to preview a new product called the InStyler IQ, the salon professional version of the original InStyler, Amazing Rotating Iron.

In order to meet the needs of working stylists, the design team for this product spent three years developing and testing this new tool, and now it’s finally ready to be introduced to the public. “The consumer version of the InStyler was not calibrated to be left on all seven days of the week, for many hours of the day,” says Brand Development and Styling Expert, Hollywood Hair Guy, Dean Banowetz. “The new InStyler IQ is customized for the salon stylist so they can use it more frequently.”

This new styling and straightening tool can straighten curly hair and tight curls; create a flips at the tips of the hair; flip out the hair; provide extra lift and volume with both fine and short hair; curl the hair AND you can even create modern vintage-looking finger waves (which we will show you how to do in the steps below).

Banowetz uses the InStyler IQ in the salon and on-set with his celebrity clients. He says that it’s especially valuable when he has to style lots of extras on movie sets. “You can give them luxurious blow-outs and transform their hair in a matter of minutes based on the sectioning that you do.” It’s valuable for the salon stylist because it can also give their clients celebrity-worthy blowouts in less than a half hour.

Available in two barrel sizes, the ¾” barrel is ideal for piece work, shorter hair styles and tighter bangs and curls, while the larger barrel is ideal for medium to longer hair styles, beachy waves and luscious volume. A notable feature about this product is that it’s very ergonomic for the stylist. It even features a temperature dial at the bottom of the iron, so that you don’t accidently turn it off when styling the client.

According to Banowetz, the next step for the InStyler team will be launching various kinds of bristle pods that customize to your clients' hair (fine, normal, thick…etc.) So far the InStyler IQ is currently being distributed in the South Eastern states, and will be distributed in the North Eastern states in September. Retail value is $199.00 in the salon. For more information on the product, visit

At the product preview, Banowetz showed us how to create Modern Vintage Finger Waves using the InStyler IQ. In this particular how-to he used the ¾” barrel, and adjusted the temperature to accommodate fine hair.

click image to zoomBEFORE: Modern's Associate Editor Lauren Salapatek click image to zoomAFTER: MODERN's Associate Editor Lauren Salapatek

STEP 1: Starting at the nape take a ¼ to a ½ inch horizontal section of hair.

STEP 2: Place the barrel on the top of the section wrap the hair around the barrel making sure to pinch the end while you wrap. This will give the section a natural twist while you are wrapping. 

STEP 3: Make sure to keep the last ½ inch ends free from wrapping, this will give you something to hang onto and give a modern look to a vintage style. 

STEP 4: Close the InStyler IQ and make sure to rotate your wrist in the direction you want the barrel to go. The barrel will polish the hair with the rotating barrel. 

STEP 5: Open the InStyler and unwrap the curl from the barrel. Tug the section at the ends and you will see a beautiful vintage wave fall right into the hair. 

STEP 6: Continue this process throughout the head, making sure to take smaller sections for thicker hair and larger sections for thinner hair. 

STEP 7: Once you have finished you can use a duck bill clamp to clamp the waves and spray with hair spray for a stronger ridge or you can rake your fingers through the hair to loosen up the texture. 


This is a great foundation for putting the hair up as well so have fun and be creative, says Banowetz.

Unit Features and Benefits:

*Heating Rotating Barrel
*410°/210° C Ceramic Heat
*Multiple Heat Settings for fine, medium and coarse hair
*LED Display
*Curved Ceramic Floating Plate, smoothes hair without crushing or flattening and minimizes heat to reduce frizz and damage.
*First row of bristles separates and aligns hair, while the second row of bristles polishes hair while adding volume and shine.

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